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What the hell ladies

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tthe Hell Ladies is a stylish and sinister artbook for mature readers, starring manga-inspired maidens, monstergirls and madwomen.

Creepily cute and deliciously disturbing, these colorful, cute girls all have a transgressive twist! First published in Japan inthis new edition collects the gorgeous, elusive work of Japanese artist Junko Mizuno Ravina The Witch? A Japanese manga artist world-renowned for her kawaii noir style, Mizuno mixes sweetness with dark stories of threesomes terrible imagery in a way what the hell ladies makes us stand up and take notice!

One of the most uniquely brilliant artists that I have ever laid my sleepy peepers on. Her work grabs the reader by their very soul and gives them a beautiful gift.

Search query X. Hell Ladies Vol.

Print Amazon Amazon. Cover Images 1 Interior Images 4.

On Sale: Junko Mizuno Type: Graphic Novel Format: Softcover Series: Hell Ladies Diamond Order Code: MAR Genres: Fantasy Girl Power Queer Duration: Oneshot Extent: One-Shot Isbn: A plush embossed cover of 'puffy' pink plastic perfectly suits the sweetly sinister style! What the hell ladies Interiors. Reviews A Japanese manga artist world-renowned for her kawaii noir style, Mizuno mixes tbe with dark and terrible imagery in a way that makes us stand up and take notice!

Mizuno blends the romantic elements of shoujo and Gothic styles into something uniquely adult.