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Toxic sister in law

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Hi, Carolyn!: I could go into detail about the crazy stuff she has done and said but it would take too long.

My husband has explained this, I have explained this, to no avail. Now my mother-in-law has announced she is hosting Thanksgiving. But I also feel for my husband and mother-in-law toxic sister in law want to be.

Some personalities just clash. Because of that laa is, was, and has been all along, incumbent on your husband to put a stop to it.

Overt insult?: Zero tolerance, in other words, and unflinching consequences. Share story.

By Carolyn Hax. Dear Carolyn Hi, Carolyn!: Most Read Life Stories 'Why does freedom have to come with layers?

There's a new king in the Greater Seattle soup dumpling race. Email Carolyn at tellme washpost. Find her columns daily at www.