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I'm blessed, peaceful, bright, funny, playful, goofy, caring, passionate.

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The people we spend most of our time with mean a lot.

Nobody wants to be around fake friends; instead, we want to be with people who are sincere, real, or genuine. How about you?

Are you real, too? Below are 12 signs of people who are genuine—or how to know who in your circle is a genuine person or not.

They are not afraid of someone who is genuine vulnerable when admitting their mistakes, and instead try to make amends.

The Gifts sojeone Imperfection: Thus, they can let others simply be themselves without them judging. When conversing with another person, genuine individuals focus on the message being communicated.

Be present and actively listen. It also means not interrupting when another person is doing the talking. They act and talk simply the way they are.

Believe that you are you. Do things based on the fact that you just like to do it, period.

Using material things as cover-up is worthless. Relationships, stress-free, and meaningful living have more value in life.

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One key to becoming genuine is to genuinely like oneself. Genuine people like who they are just enough so they no longer bali hookers to bother about impressing.

Instead use only the positive criticisms given them in order to improve themselves. An authentic self knows it has strengths, not just weaknesses.

They are guided by their own mind when making choices. Their ways are always solid.

Genuine individuals do what they say, and say what they. No lies, no exaggerations, no coverups. They set values for themselves and follow it.

By doing this, they are setting up themselves as example—as their own role model. In fact, when you open up yourself to your fears or worries, you get to gwnuine and grow from it.

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Someoen who have low self-esteem find it hard to receive as well as give compliments. Genuine people, on the other hand, can forge genuine connections via exchanging sincere compliments.

Simply put, people who are genuine are all for the true, good stuff, because it is a reflection of who they are. Wh 2K.

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