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Need some woman to write with just thought I would try this since I don't socialize with women. The man can sing but seeking 18 20yr old female wont. W4m Big girl waiting for a big time. I just want to play naughty with a sexy woman I've been feeling horny alll morning. Happy to fekale if you have any sex chat to singles and yes I would like to see yours .

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By elzachJuly 8, in Farang Pub - fun, entertainment and Expat life. I see this on Thai dating sites very often, so I wanted to ask in this seeking 18 20yr old female to see if we can have a genuine discussion and some thoughts from the ladies here and hopefully and especially fdmale Thai ladies. Moderators, please move if inappropriate.

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Now for some disclosures. I'm a late forties male, I am always told I look much younger than my age, plus I have seeking 18 20yr old female of energy and I work out regularly, temale dating women in their 30s, seeking 18 20yr old female even 20s, is never an issue. The thing is, I spend the biggest part of the year woman looking for Fuck Buddy in Detroit Michigan China, where you'll never see the above-referenced title.

For example, a 38 y. Chinese woman will always, generally, look for "guys from 37 to 45 seeking 18 20yr old female. The sought-after age group in China is well defined and rather narrow, since the aim is always to have a long-term relationship that seeming to marriage, or marriage outright.

Which leads us to the crux of the issue. What could possibly 18 or 20 y. If in the West we believe that men in their early 20s are still "babies", then in Thailand they may be considered "infants".

Money and well-being is also probably not a motive, since many of these mids Thai women probably have more money and a car and a house than any 20 y.

Ability in bed is also highly questionable, but of course I'm not an expert on Thai men aged Again, let's stay on the specific issue and age group and nationality folks. A year difference means much less to a 50 y.

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Also, a 38 y. Thai woman could very well have a son 20 y.

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Discussion of this nature is not intended for the Ladies in Thailand forum, moving to the General forum. Questionable maybe, but it's probably the perception. I know a few Oold women who are basically doing what their husbands. I used to live opposite a family where the husband and wife almost seemed to alternate between bringing their younger others home.

They could also function as a perfect-looking family going to school events. In 26 years of my seeking 18 20yr old female law practice I just haven't seen these kind of couples from Thailand applying for visas to the US so likely not long term situations.

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I see a lot of older guys with a much younger gf or wife but seeking 18 20yr old female not just common to Thailand. 20y from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect. I dont know what makes year old men look for year old Thai girls? Haha also loving the I'm late 40's very young looking with lots of energy and I work out so girls in their 20's no problem hansom man syndrome?

Try that with a 20 year old girl back in your own country and tell me how you go not with a prostitute or a disadvantaged farm girl who would go with any geriatric for adult want casual sex NY East bethany 14054 little financial "assistance". While we are on the topic what is your opinion on the many falang here seeking 18 20yr old female choose partners who are not only young enough to be their daughters but more likely their granddaughters?

Any views 200yr that? So I guess what your saying is that it's fine for hansom falang to look for much younger women but not for Thai women to be interested in much 20ry men as they couldn't possibly have anything to offer. Racist and hypocritical much? Mai pben rai. To each his. Stick seeking 18 20yr old female minding your own business. Whatever makes two seekinng happy.

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Tip to the Seeking 18 20yr old female Which it isn't. Otherwise, you come across as insecure. Which then causes people to wonder if the rest of your post is a serious query or expression of yet another personal issue.

That is the whole point Thai woman just want real good looking guys too the reason they settle for older fat white guys is money. No need to sugar coat it. I had seeking 18 20yr old female Thai friend who made quite nice money and had older white guys hitting on her and she told me she could never live with an ugly free naughty chat in Algonquin Park guy for money.

Many don't have that choice. Personally I have dated a few girls in their early 20ies but found them a bit too young for a relation.

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Great for sex. Fe,ale points. The OP said "What could possibly 18 or 20 y. And the men's answers will never make any sense to said women.

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Big age differences in relationship are reasonably common, trust security etc being more important. There appears to be a magic age of 34 where a Thai woman seriously thinks she seeking 18 20yr old female missed the boat, and while 20 years older was always an option, 20 years younger gets added to possible partners.

I experienced this in Australia years ago, on dateing sites etc, most women were listing a preference for years younger, at age 50 this meant I would have been dating year old woman.

Many of my Thai female friends who I had when I was living back in Melbourne were with, wait for it, other Thai males that also lived in Melbourne. Ones seeking serious relationships.

Funnily enough the Thai males were usually one or two years younger than. My wife is also 2 years feale than me. We have all met these 'mature' Western men haha. The reason they prefer 'older' Western new canaan singles is due to the fact they have something they seeking 18 20yr old female.

The same way the exact 'young' Thai women also have 'older' Thai men too something people forget. They are getting financial security, or a car paid off each month.

Which is completely fine too, but i want to try Switzer some booty generalisation is I think way off. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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By Rob4 Started Thursday at By Globe Trotter Started 6 hours ago. By ttaylor Started 10 hours ago. Farang Pub - fun, entertainment and Expat life. Search In. What makes something single Thai women to seek "guys from 18 to 40 y.

Recommended Posts. Posted July 8, edited. And again, no trolling. Edited July 8, by elzach. Share this post Sefking to post Share on other sites. Posted July 8, Edited July 8, by starky. All that for one very simple question. Ok so the question amongst that soundbite is simply.

Do older thai birds go for young guys ? The need to be with a youthful man may be the reason and of course; vice versa. Posted July 9, Posted July 9, edited. Edited July 9, by Peterw Femlae an account or sign in to comment You need to be a seeking 18 20yr old female in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.